What to Wear When You Go Wedding Dress Shopping

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

There are some things you won't find out about wedding dress shopping until you enter that special changing room. But there are certainly things you can prepare for that will make your experience the best it possibly can be.

Going wedding dress shopping is one of the most momentous occasions, but it does require a little bit of careful planning, and some key background knowledge in order to feel ready for the fitting room.

Once you've picked out the bridal shop you want to visit first, and you've invited your wedding dress shopping team. Besides screenshots of your favourite bridal gowns from Instagram, there are a few other important items to bring with you to the shop. We're talking about undergarments, footwear and miscellaneous things that you might not have thought of pre-engagement.

Take it from us, clothing wrinkles, underwear lines and bra straps can all make it pretty difficult to concentrate on how beautiful the gown you're wearing is. In fact, it can completely alter the appearance of a wedding dress, and throw you off your big day shopping game! Get the fundamentals right, and you'll find the rest effortlessly falls into place.

What Underwear & Accessories Should You Bring When Wedding Dress Shopping

Before you visit the bridal shop

Get Your Bra Measurements Taken

As the experience of having your bra size measured is not one of the most pleasant things in the world, many of us never do it. Put off by the idea, or never even considering the concept, has meant that most women are walking around wearing the wrong bra size. This is not only bad for your health, but can also mean that your bust is not being aesthetically supported in the right way. Meaning you could look in the mirror before and after a bra fitting and wonder where these new boobs came from! If you have been wearing the wrong size, a positive change can dramatically alter your look when wearing a bra, and drastically improve your confidence, long after wedding dress shopping.

When you are shopping for your bridal gown, having the wrong size bra can mean your dress won't lay in the correct way. When your bra is too big or too small, the bust of a gown may fit quite differently than it ought to, affecting your perception of the dress.

Bring a Strapless Bra

Many wedding dresses are so expertly structured, and have bra cups built in, meaning you can skip your top half underwear altogether. However, if you have a large cup size, or desire more support, a high-quality strapless bra will be necessary during wedding dress shopping.

Before your visit to the bridal shop, make sure you already have, or have purchased, a strapless bra that gives you the coverage and support you need. A visit to a specialist in lingerie is recommended, and you can even get your bra size measured while you're there. Their team will be able to advise you on the specific bra you'll need to support you where its most needed.

Wear the Right Underwear

During your bridal appointment, your stylist will be helping you in and out of various gowns. Because of this, prepare early, and wear underwear that you're not embarrassed of. We won't care what you're wearing, but if you feel less confidence in yourself because of your undies, then that may harm your wedding dress shopping experience.

Moreover, you need to wear underwear that will not give you any visible underwear lines underneath your dress. This is especially true if you're planning on wearing something slinky, or something lacy that will potentially make your underwear visible. Fortunately, there are so many seamless underwear choices out there these days, that it’s not hard to find one that works. Try on a few different no-show styles and wear the undergarment you like best to the bridal appointment.

Bring Your Desired Heel Height

A sure-fire way to feel comfortable when wedding dress shopping, is to bring your own heels. If you already know which wedding shoes you're wearing, and they've been purchased, bring them along. Otherwise, be sure to know your perfect heel height, and choose/find a pair of shoes that match. Besides this, the right heels can also make your posture look better in a dress, so even a small heel is a good idea.

Haven’t figured out the exact shoe you want to wear down the aisle? Not to worry, you’re just looking for the height to keep in mind when you go wedding dress shopping.

Most bridal shops have shoes to try on with, but it’s best to bring a pair that fits you perfectly, and you feel good in. It will also help your stylist choose the right gown for you, as they'll have a better idea of your silhouette on the day.

Hair & Makeup

The art of wedding dress shopping is being able to imagine yourself in that gown on your big day. Make that imagination process easier for yourself, and maybe a wear a touch more makeup, or a look closer to how you'd like to be seen on your big day. This will give you a confidence boost, and help you envision how you'd actually look on the day.

The above applies to your hair, but to a lesser extent. If you choose to visit the salon before your appointment for a blow dry, then go for it. But most importantly, bring something that you can tie your hair up with. Trying on wedding dresses can be a tiring, sometimes sweaty experience. So give yourself the ability to tie your long hair up, or at least get it off your neck/shoulders. This will also help you see your possible future gown better.

Feel you're ready to go wedding dress shopping IRL? We would love to welcome you to our store! Please don't hesitate to book an appointment via our website, and if you would like to ask us anything, please visit our contact page.

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