What to Think About if You're Planning a Wedding During Covid-19

Our tips on how to plan a wedding during these uncertain times, and hopefully avoid any Covid-19 related heartbreaks.

We are still, unfortunately, living in challenging times. And for newly engaged couples starting to plan a wedding during Covid-19, it must feel quite uncertain at times. Whether you’re planning a wedding at home or abroad, there are countless moving parts surrounding Covid-19. Many of which depend on your wedding date, guest count, location, and extent of travel involved.

Fortunately, at present, there are no restrictions on guest numbers for weddings in Scotland. And there doesn’t seem to be a return to the old Covid-19 rules for the moment. But that doesn’t mean that couples should simply forget about the pandemic when planning their big day.

To help you prepare for what you should do, we’re going to explore how you should plan a wedding during Covid-19, while also suggesting ways you can make your guests feel at ease.

Plan a Successful Wedding During Covid-19

It's important to remember that when planning a wedding at any time, but especially during a pandemic, there are no right or wrong answers. Every celebration is different, and each one of your loved ones will have reacted differently to Covid-19 over the last two years. Therefore, it’s up to you to decide how best to plan your wedding during Covid-19, while also treating your guests with respect, regarding their feelings on the overall situation.

Think About Using E-invites and Wedding Websites

With the ever-evolving changes regarding Covid-19, it would be a real shame to have your invitations printed with guidelines regarding masks, only to have things change again at the last minute. For this reason, it may be wise to consider a website or e-invites for your guests. That way, if things change, you can alert your guest list instantly with the click of a button.

Read the Contracts

This may not be super glamorous, but its really important while planning a wedding during a Covid-19. All of us gloss over contracts and T&C's during our normal lives, but when booking something as big (expensive) as a wedding venue, you should know what the cancellation and rescheduling policy is. And whether your deposit will transfer over to a new date if you need to reschedule. Also ask if there are restrictions on the new date; some suppliers will let you reschedule, but only if it’s within a year.

Fall in Love with Plan B

At present, you can plan your wedding as you wish in Scotland, relatively free from restriction. But if you've decided to have a destination wedding, things aren’t quite so straightforward. Regulations are changing rapidly from country to country, as are the requirements on travellers during arrivals and departures. That is why you must keep a plan B, destination wedding or not. Just in case something changes last minute.

Have an alternative wedding venue and plan in place in order to avoid any unnecessary stress. Then, regardless of what fresh restrictions are put in place, you and your partner are prepared, and can change things up accordingly.

Keep Things Intimate

Considering how long we were kept away from each other, it could be tempting to invite everyone and their mother to your big day. But try to keep the guest numbers down. Not only is this better for the Covid-19 situation, as there will be fewer wedding guests to possibly pass it around. But also, you’ll make your job of possibly (hopefully not) re-organising things much easier, as there will be fewer people to deal with.

Check that All of Your Guests Feel Comfortable in Attending

You may feel like Covid-19 is not a major issue for you. But that is not necessarily the case for all of your guests. The older members of your family in particular may feel pretty vulnerable at the moment. And the prospect of a wedding, with hundreds of people invited, may not be a welcome experience right now.

Explain to older relatives that you entirely understand if they don’t feel comfortable attending your big day. And that they’ll be first on the list to receive pics of the wedding! There may well be other loved ones on your guest list too who aren’t feeling great at the moment, so give them the opportunity to share how they feel as well.

If you do have several guests who can’t make your wedding, then maybe you should consider how they can still be included, beyond the normal wedding photography. Hiring a videographer is one fantastic option, as it allows you to share the day with those who are absent, and you’ll also have a wonderful keepsake to look back on with. You could also consider live-streaming certain parts of the day via Zoom, such as the speeches and ceremony. Or, en-list a specialist company to broadcast your wedding privately for you.

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