Unexpected First Dance Songs for Your 2021 Wedding

Surprise the crowd, show some personality and create a moment with these not-so-standard first dance bangers.

unexpected first dance songs 2021

Your first dance, have you begun to think about it yet? Does it bring you out in cold sweats? Or are you both already waltzing around the living room in anticipation? Either way, dancer or no dancer. Your first dance song needs to be good, otherwise your big moment might fall a bit flat. And it can't just be that same song you've heard at countless family weddings before this, it needs to be unique. And yours. But don't feel the pressure just yet because we've got you. We've compiled our top list of Unexpected First Dance Songs that will take your wedding guests' breath away in 2021, and beyond.

There is no shame in saying you want something a little bit more unusual for your first dance song – it is important to set your first dance apart from everyone else’s, after all! So scroll down and discover your song.

unexpected first dance songs

Unexpected First Dance Songs for a Wedding in 2021

Baby I’m Yours – Arctic Monkeys

If you both spent much of your youth dancing at sweaty indie discos, or screaming your heads off at The Barrowland Ballroom trying to get the attention of Pete Doherty - why not opt for this romantic, yet totally unexpected offering from the Arctic Monkeys? As a celebration of your skinny jeaned youth!

This cover of the Barbara Lewis song was the B-side to their 2006 hit ‘Leave Before the Lights Come On’, and it is just the right side of sentimental, without being, you know... a bit much.

I’ll be yours until the stars fall from the sky, yours until the rivers all run dry – in other words, until I die.

All Night - Beyoncé

As unexpected first dance songs go, nobody will see this coming. When your guests hear the first bars of this Beyoncé ballad pumping through the speakers, they'll know they're in for a unique treat.

Every wedding has 'Crazy in Love’ on the set list (with good reason!), but on your wedding you're going to step out of the box, and share something different.

This song is perfect for if you both prefer something energetic for your first dance. An up-tempo ballad with a groovy illustration of true love. It’s a totally contemporary choice, and we love it!

Sing Together – Train

We can settle down and watch the world go round,” isn't that lovely!

This upbeat, feel-good number is sure to put smiles on everyone’s faces as they realise the lyrics are all about considering your other half family, and settling down in a place you are truly content. Here come the waterworks!