The 2021 Positive Post-Covid Trends We Hope Will Stick Around

Weddings can't come back soon enough, obviously. But there were some lovely trends popping up over the last 12 months that we'd love to keep.

We are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, Covid-19 wise, and the thought of weddings happening again is such a wondrous thing. Throughout the past year we have felt endlessly upset for our couples, as they cancel, and then re-cancel their saga of a wedding. It has not been easy for them, or anyone during the pandemic to plan anything at all. However, there were some brave souls and smart couples who managed to tie the knot during these difficult times, and they did so by using many different ingenious ideas. And by doing so, they created brand-new, and unexpected trends that we actually hope will stick around post 2021.

These post-Covid trends may well have been rejected out of hand pre-2021, but after the year we've all had, our feelings towards friends and family for example, has certainly changed. Now, for many people, the idea of a huge wedding doesn't seem quite so appealing. And in fact, lots of couples would rather celebrate with just the loved ones they missed the most. Those people you Zoom call'd every day, and were the first to invite you out for a Sunday afternoon coffee and a walk. The people you just didn't realise you were so attached to, until you were kept away from them. Covid-19 has opened our eyes to the possibility of not only planning a smaller wedding, but also being more selective with our guest list.

Positive Post-Covid Trends for 2021

Mindful Guest Lists

We touched on this above, but it's worth expanding. We've all heard the predictions that post-pandemic weddings will be smaller. But we are confident that if so, it's only in the short term. After all, large weddings are an important part of many cultures. And once everyone is vaccinated, normality in mass numbers should certainly re-start.

However, because so many couples had their plans ruined while trying to marry in 2020/2021, we may see lots of people deciding to play it safe, and keep numbers small. But more than that, couples will start to think more mindfully about who, and why they are inviting certain people to their big day.

So, small/medium and big weddings will be back, but couples will just spend a bit more time deciding who they really and truly want to have with them on their special day, prioritising people they care about, over obligation invitations. Those invites to distant relatives you haven't seen since you were little, or to co-workers you actually don't like - they don't need to be invited any more. The pandemic actually did us a huge favour in opening our eyes, and making us work remotely, so we don't have to put up with Steve's passive-aggressive looks after not receiving his invite!