Introducing.... Chosen by Kyha Bridal

The Chosen bride believes less is more but is ready to make a statement.

We are very proud to be the exclusive stockist of Chosen by Kyha bridal in Scotland. It is a brand that optimises our style, harmonises with our ethos and their gowns look damn good when you slip them on!

The Designed by Kyha bridal brand is however not as recognised as some of our other brands such as Berta, or Pronovias. Which sometimes leads to brides dismissing it out of hand, preferring instead to go with a famous label. This is of course a personal choice, but we love this brand, and we know our brides would love it too, if only they knew a little more about it.

With the above in mind, we thought we'd share a little bit of background on the Chosen by Kyha brand, alongside some of our favourite styles right now.

Introducing... Chosen by Kyha

Established in 2011, Chosen by Kyha (née One Day) was created by Creative Director Kyha Scott's personal experience as a bride. During her search for the perfect wedding dress, Kyha quickly grew tired of looking through endless tulle dresses, and fluffy ballgowns. Bored with the status quo, she began to imagine a bridal collection that did not settle for the tired traditions, and instead pushed the boundaries of wedding dress design into an area that embodied her own aesthetic. Kyha's passion for sleek, minimalistic styling that focused on execution, rather than mass-production, soon became a reality. And her very personal battle with the bridal fashions of old, resulted in a very real ready-to-wear wedding dress collection, launched in 2016.

The first Chosen by Kyha bridal collection was much sought after, with brides across the globe clamouring for one of Kyha's bold styles. From the