How to Find Your Dream Wedding Dress in Scotland

Planning on hitting the wedding dress shops of Scotland soon? Well, before you step through those magical doors, read these essential bridal shopping tips!

For many, there are few things more exciting than going wedding dress shopping, be that in Scotland, England, or anywhere in the world! Trying on lots of incredible dresses, and imagining wearing your favourite while you glide down the aisle is such a fun experience. However, in order to successfully find your bridal gown, there are a few golden rules and tips you need to keep in mind.

Before your excitement turns into panic, we have put together our top wedding dress shopping tips that will help to ensure that you find your dream bridal in Scotland. And once you've scanned through our advice, you should browse our designer bridal dresses online because you never know — you may find 'the one' without leaving the house!

Find Your Dream Wedding Dress in Scotland

Do Research, But Also Stay Open

As soon as you start looking at bridal dress shops in Scotland online, and begin browsing the last few remaining physical wedding magazines, you'll naturally start to realise what you like. This is good, and it will certainly help you narrow down the type of shop you visit, and will help your stylist to pick out gowns they think you'll like. But, don't pick a silhouette, style, brand etc and not let yourself be open to anything else.

We have seen so many brides come through doors knowing that they want a certain shape dress because of this and that, and after a couple of hours with us, they walk out with an entirely different type of gown. Because you won't know your dream dress is the dream dress, until you try it on. And are stylists are experts in knowing what will suit you best, so trust them, and they'll do you right.

Only Bring Someone You Truly Trust

Whether it's your Mum, your best mate, or maybe even your spouse-to-be — the person you take bridal shopping needs to be someone you trust. It needs to be a person who you will listen to, will take honest advice from, but that will also be sensitive to your feelings. Also, try not to bring more than two of these people with you while visiting wedding dress shops in Scotland, as a lot of different voices can simply lead to confusion. It may seem tempting to bring the whole gang, but you'll only be shooting yourself in the foot if they end up holding you back from finding 'the one'.

Call Ahead if You Are After a Specific Style

Bridal shops stock certain brands, and some have exclusivity over said brands. Such as Berta Bridal, we are the exclusive stockist of this wedding dress brand in Scotland, and we have a lovely selection of their styles in-store. However, it's not possible for us, or anyone, to stock all the dresses from a collection, every season. Each shop has their own collection, which they will have picked knowing the type of brides in their area. Therefore, don't assume that just because a shop stocks the brand you like, they're also going to have the style you like. Call ahead, and if they don't have it, they can probably order it in just for you from the designer.

When is the Big Day?

It can take between eight and three months for a wedding dress to arrive at your chosen wedding dress shop in Scotland. It is still possible to find the perfect wedding dress, and plan a wedding in three months, or less. But you need to let the shop know your timeframes and allow as much time as you possibly can, in order to give yourself as many options as possible!

Think About Alterations

Some wedding dress brands offer customisation options with their gowns, which is perfect if you want a unique look or just have a few details you’d like tweaked to turn it into your dream dress. Ask your bridal shop if it’s a possibility, and remember to also factor in alterations into your final spend. You want your dress to be tailored to a perfect fit, and that comes with an additional cost.

At Opus, we offer a complete fitting, alteration and customisation service. The bespoke design and customisation service in particular includes individually designed straps and neckline, hand beaded detailing, custom sleeves, button detailing and custom hem and train length’s. And so in the end, you may end up with a wedding dress that is completely unique in Scotland, née the world!

Trust Your Gut

Most brides instinctively know when they've found ‘the one’! They just know it’s right. However, if you are indecisive and worried about committing to a purchase, you really shouldn’t be. From experience, brides often find their dream wedding dress in the first bridal shop in Scotland they visit. We've had so many brides say to us, 'I love the dress, but I can’t buy it in just in case I see something else!' The fact is you will always see something else, of course you will, but there has to come a point where you say ‘you know what, I’m sticking with this one’, otherwise you could just keep on looking forever!”

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