Are You Destined to Become a Berta Bride? Here's All You Need to Know About the Brand.

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

You know you were born to be a Berta Bridal gal, but what do you know about this exclusive designer brand.

We are extremely proud to be the exclusive stockists of Berta Bridal in Scotland, and it has been our privilege to have their beautiful gowns on our rails for many years now. For us, the brand is very popular with our brides, and the Berta collection has drawn girls to our door from across the UK, and abroad for some time now. But many of our brides do not know who Berta is, or where this super stylish designer label originates from. So today, we thought we'd share a few interesting facts about the brand, and how it became so highly regarded.

Berta Bridal - Avant-Garde Designs with an Emphasis on Luxury

Since founding her namesake brand in 2004, Berta Balilti has been known among the world's most extravagant, glamorous brides simply as “Berta.” Berta is the sole designer behind her Israeli-based fashion house, and her name echoes across the higher-echelons of bridal like a choir of cathedral bells. The sound is synonymous with luxury, sparkle, and daring. Ever since her first line debut on the catwalk, Berta has continued to wow veteran fashion editors and bridal experts for her artistic, and expressive approach to design.

Berta Balilti black and white photo
Berta Balilti

Bridal stylists within the limited boutiques stocking Berta Bridal, believe the dresses designed by Balilti have a type of mythical, Faberge quality to them, something which makes them stand-out from the average. Due to their luxuriousness, high-quality design, exquisite handmade detailing, and limited availability, Berta Bridal tends to carry a massive kudos factor in the UK. There truly is no dress like A Berta. The excellence of her chic wedding dresses is further assured by the high-quality materials, imported globally from the world’s fashion capitals, and put through a handmade development processes in Berta’s studio, which are then used to create her gorgeous gowns. Her gowns are known for incorporating unique and innovative features, such as eye catching 3-D florals, daring necklines, sensual silhouettes, and ethereal embellishments.

When you consider the luxurious fabrics, truly original designs, and the exquisite attention to detail used to make each of Berta’s dresses a breathtaking masterpiece - it's no wonder that Baliti's gowns are so sought after worldwide.

Both feminine and powerful, A Berta belongs on a confident, modern bride that envisions a wedding defined by her style.

Discover your Berta style via our collection page, and book your appointment today to browse & try-on in-store.

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