Fitting &

Alteration Service

The secret to feeling and looking amazing on your wedding day is a perfectly fitting wedding dress so that you can feel and ‘be’ beautiful when saying ‘I do’. 



Your Stress-Free Wedding Dress Journey 

From choosing your wedding dress to collecting it just before your wedding day, we are here to make your wedding dress journey stress-free and joyous with our fitting and alteration service.  

At Opus we offer a complete fitting, alteration and customisation service. Our technical team believe every process in your journey is as important as the last and constantly strive to maintain our excellent level of quality in our fitting and alterations. Our fitting and alteration service is available exclusively to Opus Atelier Brides.


When you gown arrives in store we carefully quality check it and store it safely until you can begin your alterations. 


All your wedding dress fitting appointments will take place within Opus and will be carried out by our skilled pin fitters. We begin your alteration appointments approximately 12 weeks before your wedding day so it is important to factor this time into your wedding planning and diary. You will usually have 2 to 3 fitting appointments dependent on the alterations required. All you have to bring is your shoes and underwear. 


At your final fitting appointment we will show your bridesmaid (or whoever is helping you get ready) how to dress you so that they will have it perfected on your wedding day. 


All your wedding dress alterations will be carried out by our highly skilled technical team. Lesley, our exceptionally talented senior technician, has over 40 years experience and insists on  incredible attention to detail so that you can be sure of the perfect fit.

In addition to fittings and alterations we offer a bespoke design and customisation service. This includes individually designed straps and neckline, hand beaded detailing, custom sleeves, button detailing and custom hem and train length’s. Every bride's vision is different, every wedding venue and location is different and every woman's body shape is different. We aim to capture your own beautiful uniqueness so you can truly express yourself on your wedding day.

Alterations and customisations are individually priced dependant on your wedding gown and requirements.  We are transparent about pricing and your Opus consultant will fully discuss with you the costs involved of any work required before commencement. 

Gowns requiring customisation may require you to begin fitting appointments earlier than 12 weeks and attend extra appointments so please allow time in your wedding preparations for this.

When your wedding dress is complete we carefully steam it so that it is picture perfect ready for you to collect ahead of your wedding day. At your collection appointment we will pack your dress, advise on how to store it on the days leading up to your wedding and then carry it to your car for you all ready to go. If you are getting married abroad we will carefully pack your dress in your cabin baggage so that you can safely transport it and all you have to do is hang it up when you arrive at your destination. 

From choosing your wedding dress to collecting it just before your wedding day , we are here to make your wedding dress journey a stress free and joy filled part of your wedding day preparations. 

Ready to start your bridal journey with us? Get in touch using the details below & we'll arrange your appointment with our experts.